Standing Strong: Supporting Front-line Workers in Indonesia

04 April 2024

Providing an allowance to pastors in areas of persecution enables them to support themselves and their families, freeing them up for ministry work in hostile environments such as sharing the gospel, planting churches, and taking care of persecuted believers. Voice of the Martyrs, Australia offers a monthly allowance to pastors in several countries, including Bangladesh, Brunei, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Nepal, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Joyo, a pastor in Indonesia, faces many challenges and obstacles in his two mission areas. However, he is grateful that the message of Christ is being conveyed to unbelievers. His home church holds three meetings on Sundays for Sunday school, youth, and adults, and the number of congregations is increasing, allowing him to plan more programmes for his congregation. Despite the challenges, Joyo remains thankful that he is still strong and healthy to do ministry.

Joyo also distributed audio Bibles to his congregation, as many of them cannot read or write. By providing audio Bibles, they can hear God’s Word daily and share it with others who do not yet know Him. Joyo is grateful for the opportunity to serve his community and spread the gospel.

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