Empowering Front-line Workers

04 April 2024

When pastors in persecuted areas face poverty, they are unable to focus on their ministry work. But there is a way to support these pastors and help them to serve their communities. By providing a monthly allowance, Voice of the Martyrs enables pastors to conduct activities like sharing the gospel, planting churches, and caring for persecuted believers.

Unfortunately, many Christians and churches are afraid to support pastors in hostile areas. However, the support and prayers provided by VOM help these pastors to serve their communities with courage and determination. 

One pastor in an Islamic nation in SE Asia expressed his gratitude for the support of VOM. Thanks to VOM’s support, he and his family can continue their ministry work, even in the face of persecution and spiritual warfare. With your support, more pastors like him can serve their communities and spread the hope of the gospel.

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