How Your Gifts Made an Impact in 2022

01 April 2023

VOM’s international projects are overseen by our local contacts or are achieved in cooperation with partner ministries. These select examples have been chosen to provide an overview of how Voice of the Martyrs encouraged and assisted persecuted Christians with the help of our supporters in 2022. Many of these projects will be repeated in 2023.


Equipping the Chinese Church – China

We provided training and resources (audio, video, text) for Christian pastors and church leaders. The church is under very heavy persecution, but despite this, thousands of Chinese are converting to Christianity each day. The need for discipleship and leadership training is great to continue advancing the underground church.

Chaldean Bibles – Iraq

Chaldean dialect Bibles were provided for Christians living in the region of the Nineveh Plains as well as in Ainkawa-Erbil – an historically Christian town, where many Christian families have taken refuge to escape war, the ISIS invasion and other conflicts. This is the first ever
printed translation of the Bible into the spoken Chaldean dialect (Eastern-Aramaic, everyday language) and is a major step forward in keeping Christianity alive in the Middle East

Bibles Plus – Brunei, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam
Packs were distributed to Christians who could not afford to purchase a Bible for themselves. Other essentials such as food, clothing, hygiene items and kitchen utensils were gratefully received and seen as God’s provision. Bibles Plus packs send a message of care and compassion to our brothers and sisters in Christ, who struggle with both persecution and poverty


Safe houses – Egypt, Algeria, Afghanistan

VOM provided physical, social, medical and spiritual care for believers whose lives are in danger after leaving Islam for Christianity. Threats may come from family, community or government. The beneficiaries of this project face arrest or violence if found. Refuge, provision, discipleship training, and even vocational training are provided. Once it’s safe, believers will secretly move to another city, where they can safely provide for themselves.

Vocational Training for Women – Pakistan

In Pakistan, ‘slum’ Christians are considered to have a low position in society; they frequently work as servants in the homes of Muslims. These young women are often open to severe physical and mental abuse. In the most extreme cases, rape occurs with no recourse or repercussions. Providing vocational training in tailoring or hairdressing means they have other employment opportunities.

Livelihood Support for Women and Children – India

This project helped to empower young Christian women, whose husbands have been killed by Hindu fanatics in rural villages in the Kandhamal district of Orissa. Skills, tools and resources were provided to set up small scale businesses that will help enhance not only their livelihoods but enable their children to receive a quality education.

Provision for Families of Martyrs or Prisoners – Myanmar

Since the violent coup in 2021, church leaders have become frequent victims of military attacks and arrests. We provided emergency funding and ongoing needs for families caught up in targeted religious violence. This included medical care, accommodation, transport and livelihood provision.


Medical Clinic – Nigeria

We helped to provide medical care for resident survivors of persecution and Islamist terrorism. Many who seek help from this clinic arrive with significant health problems, arising from the persecution and hardship they have endured. Medical services include laboratory testing, treatment for accidents and emergencies, general health care, maternity, immunisation, minor surgery and dentistry.

Medical Testing and Treatment – Pakistan

Many Christians in Pakistan suffer discrimination in education and employment and so end up working poorly paid menial jobs. Christians may be refused treatment at government hospitals because of their faith. Some may choose to borrow money to address health concerns, which can lead to crippling, lifelong debt. Each year we sponsor medical clinics to help treat both chronic and acute illnesses such as preventable blindness, infections and nutritional deficiencies.


Support for Front-line Workers – Brunei, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam

Persecution is often coupled with poverty. Providing an allowance to pastors in persecuted areas helps them to support themselves and their families. This releases them for ministry work in hostile areas, including sharing the gospel, church planting and caring for persecuted believers. Voice of the Martyrs supplies a monthly allowance to pastors.

Bible School for Pastors and Evangelists – Nigeria

This Bible school trains pastors and evangelists of Northern Nigeria and neighbouring nations who return to their villages and townships, start new churches or care for those already existing. At the Bible school, the students take part in theological training, pastoral care, literacy, income-generating training as well as peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Training of Preachers – China

Training was provided for young preachers and pastors of the underground church. They received instruction in theology, as well as practical skills, including, ministering to the poor, counselling the sick, evangelism, and persecution theology to help believers stand firm when facing severe opposition

Front-line Worker Retreats – Indonesia

Several retreats were run for evangelists and church leaders in hostile areas. Coming together to spend time and share experiences is a valuable time of encouragement and refreshment for them and their families, before returning to the mission field. Sessions included sharing the Word of God, testimonies, worship, games, prayer and counselling.

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