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Indonesia: Bibles Plus From the Field

Indonesia Bibles Plus packs were given to members of a house church who have faced opposition from their Muslim neighbours. These church members are forced to move from place to pl...


INDONESIA: Your Impact Reports from the Field

Packs were distributed to Christians in areas where they are a minority in Lombok, West Kalimantan, Bengkulu, and Papua. The packs contained a Bible, rice, noodles, oil, sugar, blankets, kitchenware (...


How Your Gifts Made an Impact in 2022

VOM’s international projects are overseen by our local contacts or are achieved in cooperation with partner ministries. These select examples have been chosen to provide an overview of how Voice of ...

INDONESIA From the Field(2)


INDONESIA: From the Field

Our contacts in Indonesia have requested prayer for Ahmad and his family. Ahmad is a former Muslim but once he came to Christ, he had the heart to share the gospel. The Lord has blessed his efforts...

INDONESIA From the field


INDONESIA: From the field

It is illegal to openly evangelise to Muslims in Indonesia. Those who actively share their faith, face persecution from Muslims, local governments, and the community. ...