NIGERIA: Terrorists Kidnap at Least 30 Christians

24 October 2023

Source: Morning Star News, The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Residents from Kaduna State, Nigeria, report that at about 11am on 7 October, terrorists kidnapped more than 30 Christians at gunpoint as they worked on a communal farm in Chikuri, Chikun County.

“Over 30 Christian farmers who were cultivating a farm have been abducted in one fell swoop,” said area resident Victor Dabo. “Please pray for the Chikuri Christian community.”

Another resident, Dogara Peter, said his mother and sister were among those kidnapped as they worked on the farm.

“The terrorists kidnapped 30 of our Christian villagers as they were working on a farm that belongs to Mr Maikudi, an elderly member of our community,” Peter said. “My mother and sister are among those kidnapped by the terrorists. This incident has thrown our community into confusion.”

The abductions marked the third time the terrorists have invaded their traumatised community, he said. Peter has issued an appeal to the Nigerian government and police, asking them to rescue those who are being held captive.

“We make this appeal because we have nowhere to raise money for payment of ransom if these terrorists eventually ask us to do so, as has been the norm in the other two attacks on our community,” Peter said.

Boko Haram Islamic extremist group and Fulani Islamic militants work together to attack Christians throughout northern Nigeria. Sadly, kidnappings of Christians in Nigeria are commonplace.


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    Pray for them

    Pray for those who have been kidnapped. Ask the Lord to keep them safe, to comfort them and to give them His strength as they endure this trial.

    Pray for the families affected, that they will keep their eyes fixed on the Lord at this time, so that He may comfort them as they grieve their missing family members.

    Pray that the Nigerian government and police will take seriously the appeal of the families and that they will rescue those who have been kidnapped and safely return them to their families.

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