JORDAN: Syrian Christian Refugees Fear Return to Syria

24 October 2023

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Since the 2011 outbreak of civil war in Syria, hundreds of thousands have fled to neighbouring countries, including Jordan. Many refugees have had the opportunity to hear the gospel during their displacement, and a significant number of Syrians have become followers of Christ through the witness of Jordanian Christians.

Syrian refugees now worry that the government of Jordan is planning to force them to return to Syria. “I could be killed at the border,” said one Syrian Christian. Front-line workers request prayer for wisdom as they counsel Syrian refugees and for increased opportunities to share the gospel and provide biblical discipleship. “There is a huge opening among the hearts of Syrians,” said a front-line worker. “But they need more discipleship and more strengthening in their faith.”

Jordan has experienced an influx of refugees from neighbouring countries since the 1950s, with nearly half the current population composed of refugees. The refugee situation became especially severe in recent years as Syrians began arriving in large numbers during their country’s civil war, which has been ongoing for more than two decades. Most of the Christian activity among Jordanian Christians has been focused on serving these refugees, and as God works powerfully among Arab Muslim refugees, Jordanian Christians are emboldened as never before to reach out to their Muslim neighbours.


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    Pray for them

    Pray for Christians living in Jordan, that they will continue to boldly share the gospel with others, including refugees from neighbouring countries.

    Pray for those refugees who fear that they will be returned to Syria. Pray that they will lean on the Lord during this time of uncertainty. Pray that if they are forced to return to Syria, they will be kept safe and be able to boldly share the gospel within Syria.

    Thank the Lord for the Christians in Jordan who are serving Syrian refugees. Ask Him to supply them with the resources that they need to provide practical and spiritual support to these refugees, so that they may be a testimony to the love of Christ.

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