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SRI LANKA: Church Ordered to Find New Location

On the morning of 3 December, police entered the Assembly of God church in the town of Makola, which is located near the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. The officer in charge questioned whether the ser...


SRI LANKA: Evangelist Proclaims Christ in Hindu Stronghold

Roughly 70 percent of Sri Lankans are Buddhist, 10 percent Hindu, 10 percent Muslim and 10 percent Christian. The north of the country is majority Hindu and the south is majority Buddhist. Christians ...

SRI LANKA Assault on Pastor Leads to Charges Against Him


SRI LANKA: Assault on Pastor Leads to Charges Against Him

On 21 September, Pastor Tony B of Anuradhapura province in Sri Lanka investigated a noise outside his gate and was assaulted by two men with a shovel, demanding that he stop his religious activities. ...