TIBET: Maurice Tornay

31 July 2023

On 11 August 1946, Maurice Tornay was martyred.

Maurice was serving as a missionary on the China-Tibet border when the Japanese invaded in 1939. He was in charge of a boy’s school and was constantly trying to meet the needs of every child there, while being antagonised by Buddhist leaders who thought missionaries would erode their power base.

In 1946, Maurice was forced out of town at gunpoint. Trying to find somewhere to help people with their needs, and having no other place to go without being watched or tracked, Maurice decided to seek permission for religious tolerance. However, before he could obtain it, he was ambushed and killed.

Maurice dedicated his whole life to serving the Lord and sharing the gospel with anyone he could. Pray today for missionaries all over the world who are doing the same as Maurice and dedicating their lives to service.

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