Remembering Martyrs: Redoy Roy

22 April 2024


His purpose was to bring as many people to Christ as possible—to point them to the Saviour. It didn’t matter the danger. God had called him to this work, and he would follow to the end. So he packed up his belongings and began working in an outreach ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ in his homeland, Bangladesh.

Redoy Roy hurried up the stairs to his home late in the evening of 23 April 2003, after being dropped off by rickshaw. It had been a fantastic evening as he showed The Jesus Film to nearly two hundred villagers. He loved watching the audience and the beautiful looks of fascination and hope on their faces. He loved even more when some in the audience decided to follow this Jesus—their new friend and Saviour.

Roy turned the doorknob, pushed the door open to his rented home, and made his way through the dark house. Before he could reach the light switch, he was hit in the face and knocked to the ground. Angry radical Muslims grabbed him and dragged him over to his bed. A couple more held him down as they tied his hands and feet to the bedposts. Roy screamed in pain as the men hit him repeatedly. The knives followed. He uttered a final prayer and departed this earth to spend eternity with his Saviour.

Neighbours who heard the screams called the police, who quickly arrived at the scene. The police were eager to make an arrest, so they arrested the two Christians from the home where the film had been shown that night, as well as the rickshaw driver who had taken Roy home from the screening. None of them had anything to do with the murder. But in the eyes of the police, it showed “progress” in the investigation.

The murder didn’t come as a surprise to other Christians in the area. Several times Roy had been threatened and told to stop showing The Jesus Film. He refused to stop. He was willing to pay the price for using this tool to reach people with the gospel message. The Christians could have gotten angry with the police and the murderers, but God has used the persecution to strengthen their faith. Like Redoy Roy, they decided to be faithful to Christ’s call, no matter the cost. The ministry grew immensely. Many Muslims heard about the case and were curious to see the film that this murder victim had given his life to show. They wanted to know more about Jesus and how to follow Him. God used the attack to spread His Word.

Roy and his co-workers didn’t pray that the persecution would disappear. They prayed that God would find them faithful. Roy passed the ultimate test. Through his example, others committed to do the same.

For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” 1 Corinthians 2:2

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