Remembering Martyrs: Pastor George Masih

02 April 2023

George Masih, an elder of a Church of Pakistan congregation in Lahore, along with his wife, Aniata, felt a calling to relocate their family to the small predominantly Muslim village of Manawala to plant a church.

For two years, Masih pastored the church based in his home and ministered house-to-house, reaching out to his neighbours and praying for the sick, even if they were Muslims.

The couple became well known in the village for their worship songs that could be heard coming from their home. Their mission was to know God and make Him known to those in their community.

However, their work drew the ire of a Muslim neighbour named Shokat Ali, who was irritated by the Christian meetings in the Masih home and urged the landlord to evict the family. On several occasions, Ali threatened to kill Masih if he continued preaching. Despite the threats, Masih remained steadfast.

George Masih had an unwavering on 2 April 2004, around midday, Masih, his wife, and their four children were watching the JESUS film in their home. When the movie finished, Aniata got up to leave the house. As she opened the door, two masked attackers burst in. One of the attackers grabbed Aniata and covered her mouth, threatening her with death if she tried to cry out for help. The other attacker fired a shotgun point-blank at Masih’s face, and as he lay dying, the assailant hit him in the head with the butt of the gun. Both attackers fled, leaving Aniata stunned on the ground. When neighbours heard Aniata’s cry for help, they ran towards the home, but Shokat Ali was notably absent.

Passion for the Lord and a deep compassion for people. His impact on the community was immense, as evidenced by the hundreds who gathered for his funeral, including many Muslims who had been blessed by his ministry. “He was a true and passionate believer”, said Pastor Mukhtar, the man who led George to Christ, “and he always tried to win souls with his preaching.”

“More persecution …more growing!” — Pastor Samuel Lamb, a Chinese house church pastor who spent twenty years in prison for his faith.

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