Remembering Martyrs: Eusebio Ferrao, India

06 March 2023

Remembering Martyrs Eusebio Ferrao, India

The story of Father Eusebio Ferrao is a heartbreaking reminder of the dangers that many Christian ministers face in parts of the world where the Christian faith is unwanted or even threatening.

His commitment to the gospel and to human rights led him to speak out against the injustices and tensions that were tearing apart his community, even though he knew that doing so could put his life in danger.

Ferrao’s murder in 2006, is an example of the persecution that many Christians face around the world. In countries like India, where religious tensions run high, Christians are often seen as outsiders and threats to the status quo. Hindu extremists and other radical groups see them as targets and are willing to use violence to silence them.

Despite the dangers that he faced, Ferrao chose to stand up for what he believed in, knowing that his faith demanded that he speak out against injustice. His willingness to put himself in harm’s way for the sake of others is a testament to the power of the gospel and to the courage of those who follow it.

Ferrao’s faith demands that we stand up for what is right, even when doing so puts us at risk. We are called to speak out against Christian injustice and defend Christian oppression. Though the path we follow may be difficult and dangerous, Christians can take comfort in knowing that we are not alone and that the God we serve is with us always.

As we remember the life and ministry of Father Eusebio Ferrao, let us be inspired by his example of courage and conviction. Let us be reminded that the call to follow Christ is a call to take up our cross, endure suffering, and do the work of an evangelist, no matter the cost. And let us pray for those around the world who face persecution and violence for their faith, that they may be strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ.

To learn how you can pray for persecuted believers in India, click here.

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