CHINA: The Story of a Young Woman, Yun

28 July 2023

Yun, 18, was born into a Christian family; her grandmother and her parents are faithful followers of the Lord. She went to church with her parents and knew Jesus from when she was a small child. At the age of 12, Yun confirmed her faith in the Lord Jesus and was baptised. Last year, she began studying at university, where she never hid her Christian beliefs.

A few months ago, the Guidance Director of the university met with Yun and said, “Yun, we know you are a Christian. Freedom of religious belief is everyone’s right, as it is written in the Constitution. But you see, our university is hosting selection activities, and one of the standards is the percentage of members of the Communist Youth League. You are the only member of your class who is not a member of the Communist Youth League. You now have an opportunity to become a member, but you must give up Christianity.

“If you refuse to join the Communist Youth League, your religious beliefs will be recorded in your political files and when you finish four years of study at university, upon graduation, you will probably lose your diploma.”

In China, every citizen has a political document. This document records one’s political inclination, as well as that of their parents. These files may influence one’s educational and working opportunities in state-owned companies.

Yun explained the difficulty to her parents and her church. The church prayed for Yun and asked for His guidance. The church members understood it is very difficult for a young person to face this kind of political pressure.

A few days later, the Guidance Director spoke with Yun again and said, “Now, you may believe your religion in your heart only, we don’t ban what is in your heart. You cannot tell anyone anything about Christianity for the next four years, while at university. You will need to sign a statement paper that you will stop going to church, then we will make you a Communist Youth League member, and your class will also win an excellent selection. We will also reward you as an excellent student.”

Yun asked the director for one more day to consider. That day, Yun, her parents, and all the church members fasted and prayed.

That evening, the Lord gave Yun a Scripture,” Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 10:32-33

The next day, Yun told the Guidance Director of the university: “The Lord Jesus has been my Saviour since I was a baby. The Lord Jesus is now my Saviour every day. And the Lord Jesus will be my Saviour in Eternity.”

Yun explained to one of our front-line workers, “My confession of Jesus before the teachers and classmates will lead to discrimination in four years of university life and will also bring troubles when I graduate and when I look for jobs after school and in many years following. But how does it compare with eternity, for He is the everlasting Lord?”

In the last several months, Yun has begun to face much pressure from both classmates and teachers, she has also lost her scholarship from the university.

Please pray for Yun, that the Lord may strengthen her. Our front-line workers are ministering to Yun with spiritual and practical help.


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