VOMedical Nigeria

23 January 2024

The goal of this project is to provide medical care for over 2,000 people including:

⦁ Persecuted Christians suffering from over two decades of recurrent attacks on their homes, farms and villages by militant Muslim Fulani herders.
⦁ Over 300 children receiving crisis care; most of whom have lost family members through violence.
⦁ New believers from Muslim backgrounds who are survivors of Fulani persecution.
⦁ Persecuted young women including, widows of conflict, and sexual abuse victims.
⦁ Local evangelists and pastors, including those who risk their lives working in dangerous places.
⦁ Local Muslims may also receive treatment as a demonstration of Christ-like love and kindness.
The excellent medical care, provided with kindness, enables children and adult persecution survivors to be encouraged helps them rebuild their shattered communities and witness to the gospel and to keep on serving God. Muslim neighbours are amazed at the help and kindness received.

Ladi is not yet two. She comes from a village near Mangu, Plateau State, Nigeria attacked by Muslim Fulani herders in May. Her father was killed – brutally massacred with machetes by herders while trying to defend his home and the family’s farm. The farm, their home, their grain store, animals, tools and all their belongings were stolen, destroyed, or burnt to the ground. Ladi and her mother barely escaped with their lives. Now they have nothing, only the clothes they were wearing that day.

Ladi and her mother were brought to our mission partner’s free medical clinic. Ladi was examined and found to have a fever. Tests showed she had both malaria and typhoid, she was also suffering from malnutrition and was severely dehydrated. Ladi’s mother was provided with Oral Rehydration Therapy liquid, some packets of high-protein biscuits, paracetamol syrup, antimalarial syrup, and antibiotics.

Please pray for Ladi and the many more children like her in Nigeria.

A representative from our mission partner ministry in Nigeria was visiting a sick friend at a teaching hospital in a nearby city, while there she initiated a conversation with a couple who she heard conversing in her local language. She learned that the man was severely injured, shot in the leg by Boko Haram in an attack on their village. The government brought him and his wife to the hospital for the necessary surgery and treatment but once the treatment was complete, had neglected to pay the bill. No appeal to the government helped.

In addition, all their property had been stolen and their home and business was destroyed by Boko Haram insurgents. The man and his wife were trapped, unable to be discharged from the hospital until the bill was paid, while they had no money to pay. Our ministry partner stepped in to help, paying the hospital bill and helping them find a house to rent, paying the first year’s rent and helping them with some of their set-up costs. When the money was given to the man and his wife, he started to cry in thankfulness to God.

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