VIETNAM: From the Field

12 January 2023

VIETNAM From the Field

Vietnam has a repressive communist government that actively restricts Christian worship. While Christian worship is legal, the government views Christians and churches as a threat to its power and control. Minority tribal groups, such as the Hmong, generally face the most violent and harsh forms of persecution from local authorities. Churches continue to grow as believers faithfully reach out despite these challenges.

Recently, VOM Australia received the following report from one of our field workers:

“It was sad that while many people around the world were celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, there was a church in [rural central province], that became surrounded by hundreds of local authorities trying to stop the church members from coming to worship.

“The churches in [southern province] were no better; many of the church members were prevented from coming to join Christmas celebrations. In fact, there was a group of key members who were stopped and attacked by the authorities on their way to church.

“One young girl, Zang was kicked in the chest so hard, she ended up coughing up blood. she had to be admitted to hospital. Later, two other brothers were also attacked. One of the victims, Sam, sustained severe head and facial injuries, plus two broken legs. He was rushed to hospital and was in a coma for more than a day. He is continuing medical treatment.

“Please remember them in your prayers.”

Voice of the Martyrs Australia is covering the costs of medical treatment for the victims.

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    Pray for them

    Ask the Lord to heal and fully restore those who were directly affected. Pray for all who witnessed these attacks, that they will not be fearful but may continue to encourage one another in the faith.

    Pray that church leaders will minister well to their flocks and remain strong in faith. Pray they will lead by example.

    Ask God to have mercy on the perpetrators and pray the witness of these faithful believers will be powerfully used by God. Praise God that churches continue to grow in tribal areas of Vietnam.

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