VIETNAM: From the Field

15 March 2023

VIETNAM From the Field(3)
Source: VOM Contacts

Persecution of Christians in Vietnam frequently occurs in rural areas.

These days, while imprisonment is less common, enticement, threats, physical violence and confiscation or destruction of property are frequently applied tactics.

Pastors, evangelists, new believers and people who are willing to host worship gatherings in their homes, are particular targets of local authorities.

Our front-line workers are asking for prayer on behalf of persecuted Christians who have recently suffered for the name of Christ.

On the way to church, brother Lian, a very recent convert to Christianity, was arrested and sent to a local police station, where he was questioned and threatened. Lian refused to renounce his faith in Christ. After releasing him the following day, the authorities forced him and his family to leave their home. They are now staying with other believers. It is unlikely they will be able to return to their village.

Another believer, Duong, along with his wife and two grandchildren, have also recently been forced to leave their home, this is in consequence of Duong allowing church gatherings in his house.

Brother Khanh, an evangelist was recently arrested by the authorities for boldly preaching the gospel. He was detained, handcuffed and not provided with any food. He was released later that evening. He, along with his wife and children were forced from their home and will not likely be allowed to return.

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    Pray for them

    Thank the Lord for the growth of the church in Vietnam. Praise God for the faithfulness of those who face opposition yet refuse to renounce their faith.

    Pray for VOM’s front-line workers, that they may have God’s wisdom and leading as they decide the best way to help each of these families.

    Pray for a large group of believers who are currently evangelising and also ministering to persecuted believers in remote areas of Vietnam.

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