VIETNAM: From the Field

13 June 2023

Source: VOM Contacts

Vietnam has a repressive communist government that actively restricts Christian worship. In rural areas of Vietnam, local authorities view Christianity as a foreign threat and often use intimidation, property destruction, detentions, beatings, forced renunciations and targeted discrimination to halt church growth.

Our front-line workers have asked for prayer for several recent incidents:

Trinh is a young Vietnamese child of rural farmers. Recently she suffered appendicitis and was taken to hospital. Trinh’s family were known by the authorities to have accepted Christ; as punishment for their conversion, the family was refused health insurance. Being poor farmers, they did not have the funds to pay for their daughter to receive the urgent medical treatment she required. Fortunately, one of VOM Australia’s front-line workers was informed of the case and VOM Australia was able to cover the hospital expenses.

In another case, Pastor Trai had been conducting church gatherings at his home. Despite receiving threats from the authorities for holding ‘illegal’ gatherings, he faithfully continued. Recently, the authorities arrived unannounced and threatened to destroy his home and attack him. He and his wife fled in fear for their lives. They are now staying with believers in another village.

Two young siblings have been staying with their grandmother, after the recent death of their mother. Their grandmother is a known Christian, and the local authorities are threatening her, that she will have to leave the village if she and the children continue to follow Christ.

A small house church pastored by Brother Tru was threatened after gaining the attention of the local authorities. The church then decided to gather together to worship under a tree about a kilometre away from the village. They were discovered and the authorities forced Tru and his family to leave the village.

In another incident, a bold evangelist Liem, known by local authorities, was recently followed and then stopped. He was questioned and then had his motorbike seized.

In addition, two house church leaders were recently killed in an accident. The authorities ordered that their three young children be sent to an atheistic government orphanage. One of our front-line workers has requested that he be permitted to take care of the orphans where they will be raised in a Christian household.

Recently, another Christian brother Tuan was so severely beaten for his faith he can no longer move his limbs. He has also suffered potential brain damage. VOM Australia will cover hospital expenses.


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    Pray for them

    Thank the Lord for the faithfulness of rural Vietnamese believers who have counted the cost of following Christ and eagerly choose Him.

    Uphold before God’s throne of grace, each of these suffering believers. Pray particularly for the orphans and those who need healing. Remember to pray for the perpetrators of the persecution.

    Thank the Lord for our front-line workers. Pray for leading and protection as they seek to expand God’s kingdom and care for and encourage persecuted believers.

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