PAKISTAN: Christian Released after Accuser Admits False Blasphemy Allegation

20 February 2024

Source: CLAAS- UK, Morning Star News

In a recent development, tensions in Faisalabad have eased following the release of Younis Masih, 72, also known as Bhagat, after he was cleared of blasphemy charges. Masih’s release has restored calm to the area.

The incident began when Masih was arrested on allegations of blasphemy, stemming from a complaint filed by Susan Fatima on 10 February. Fatima accused Masih of entering her home, assaulting her, and disrespecting the Koran. She claimed the altercation originated from Masih’s objections to her family’s conversion to Islam, approximately eighteen months earlier.

However, Masih’s voluntary surrender to the police instead of going into hiding, and subsequent release have dispelled tensions in the region. Local residents have welcomed Masih’s exoneration, asserting his innocence and condemning the fabricated accusations made against him. The resolution of Masih’s case has led to a sense of relief and stability among the community.

Furthermore, in a surprising turn of events, Susan Fatima has herself been arrested by the authorities for further investigation into the incident. This development underscores the need for thorough scrutiny and accountability in cases involving blasphemy allegations.

As the situation in Faisalabad returns to normal, there is a renewed emphasis on upholding justice and safeguarding the rights of all individuals, irrespective of their religious beliefs. Masih’s case serves as a reminder of the importance of fair and impartial legal proceedings and the dangers of false accusations in society.

According to local pastor, Shakoor Alam, a resident of Jaranwala, Younis Bhatti, a widower with three sons and two daughters, is known for allocating land to many Christian families with government cooperation. The plot where Fatima resides is claimed to be his property. Pastor Alam expressed doubts about the veracity of the blasphemy accusation, suggesting it might be a ploy in a land dispute to prevent Bhatti from reclaiming his property. He called for a thorough investigation to uncover the truth, highlighting concerns over the potential misuse of blasphemy laws in personal disputes.


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