NIGERIA: Eight-Month-Old Baby Among Victims in Suspected Fulani Attack

11 July 2023

Source: International Christian Concern

Suspected Fulani militants killed eight people, including an eight-month-old baby girl, last Sunday night in the Vwang District of Jos.

The gunmen raided the village, shooting sporadically at the victims who were headed home for the night. The eight-month-old and her father were returning from a local hospital when they were gunned down.

This attack comes as communities in central and northern Nigeria have faced rising terrorist attacks.

“[The Fulani militants] continue to unleash terror on innocent citizens in the communities of Riyom, Barkin Ladi, Jos South and Mangu Local Government Areas of Plateau state in renewed attacks since after 2023 General Elections,” said the National Publicity Secretary of Berom Youth Movement in a statement.

The Fulani, who are majority Muslim, is the world’s largest nomadic ethnic group. While most Fulani lives at peace with their neighbours, militant Fulanis, radicalised by extreme Islam, have emerged from their people group with jihadist intent.

Radicalised and armed Islamist Fulani have killed tens of thousands of Christians and left more than three million homeless in a 20-year genocide against them.


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    Pray for them

    Ask the Lord to strengthen the many victims of Fulani attacks. Pray that His ministering Spirit will bring solace and protection.

    Pray for the Fulani, that there may be a mighty work of God amongst them to bring radical change to their hearts and minds so that many will turn towards Christ,

    Pray for VOM partners as they care for victims of violence and send out evangelists throughout Northern Nigeria.

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    3 responses to “NIGERIA: Eight-Month-Old Baby Among Victims in Suspected Fulani Attack”

    1. K and F says:

      Lord how tragic. May your help the victims families, especially the ones of the 8 mth old baby. Lord heal them protect them and give them your perfect peace and love to help them through this horrendous ordeal. Lord provide the workers who minister to these people all they need to help who you call them too. Protect them also from the Fulani. Lord you are the only hope for the Fulani and we pray that you save them , so they can turn from being brutal killers to God loving, compassionate people. In your loving name we pray

    2. zenaida pingol says:

      I pray that the persecuted christians remain faithful even at the point of death for great is their reward in heaven.

    3. zenaida pingol says:

      Lord Jesus give them strength even in the times of persecutions

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