NEPAL: Pastor Faces Year in Prison

25 June 2024

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

There is a small, visible Christian community in Nepal, but believers experience opposition from extremists among the Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Marxist groups. Christians face false accusations, harassment and beatings from family and communities. They also face opposition from local Hindu nationalists who envision Nepal becoming a ‘pure’ Hindu nation. The government of Nepal is taking an increasingly strong stand against religious conversion.

After someone posted a video online of Pastor Keshab Raj Acharya praying against the spread of coronavirus in 2020, police arrested him for spreading misinformation about the virus, claiming that he told people they would be immune to it if they converted to Christianity.

Investigations revealed other videos recording baptisms of new Christian converts, which further riled authorities. Eventually, the charges included “outraging religious sentiment”, proselytising and other violations of anti-conversion laws.

After three years of legal proceedings and appeals to the highest court in Nepal, Pastor Keshab’s sentence of one year in prison has been upheld. He is currently awaiting the warrant that will be issued for his incarceration.


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    Pray for them

    Uphold before the throne of grace, our brother, Pastor Keshab. Ask the Lord to flood him with His peace.

    Pray that the Lord will use this outcome for His glory and the spiritual good of many. Ask the Lord to strengthen Keshab’s family and church so they will keep meeting and encouraging one another in the faith.

    Pray for those ministering to the unreached in remote and difficult-to-reach areas of northern Nepal. Ask the Lord for leading, strength and protection.

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