NEPAL: From the Field

28 November 2023

Source: VOM Contacts; The Voice of the Martyrs USA

There is a small, visible Christian community in Nepal, but believers experience opposition from extremist Hindus as well as Muslim, Buddhist and Marxist groups. Christians face false accusations, harassment and beatings from family and communities.

They also face opposition from local Hindu nationalists who envision Nepal becoming a ‘pure’ Hindu nation. Christians are considered to be untouchables and are ostracised by society. They are seen as people who ‘destroy culture’ and promote foreign religions.

A VOM front-line worker has asked for prayer for a sister in Nepal.

Santi, a schoolteacher, aged 23, became a Christian approximately five years ago through the testimony of a friend. She lives with her parents and is the only believer in her Hindu family. She has been faithfully attending a local church and over time, she has become active in youth ministry. Her parents and siblings, at first reluctantly tolerated Santi’s conversion and church attendance but recently, they have started to deliberately, make life difficult for Santi.

Her parents, now refuse to allow her to go to church and have taken to locking her in her room each week to prevent her from leaving the house to attend services. They have also started to both verbally and physically attack her; they also tore her Bible. The incidents are becoming increasingly frequent and some of the family members have even started to visit the church and the pastor’s home to attempt to start quarrels.

Our front-line worker and Santi’s pastor are asking for prayer on Santi’s behalf. Regardless of the opposition she is facing, Santi is standing firm in her faith.


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    Pray for them

    Thank the Lord for giving Santi the strength to endure this time of opposition. Pray she will not grow weary or lose heart. Pray that she may continue to feel the Lord’s ministering and strengthen presence.

    Pray for Santi’s parents, siblings and extended family. Ask the Lord to reveal himself to them and pray too He will use Santi as a powerful witness.

    Pray for those ministering to the unreached in areas in Nepal where the opposition is severe.

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