LAOS: Teacher’s Faithful Witness Leads to Job Loss

02 August 2023

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Nyok has taught for 14 years, serving the last six years as director of her village’s infants school. A jealous coworker cursed Nyok, and she began to experience pain. When she prayed to accept Christ, the pain disappeared.

Word spread at school that she was a Christian, and Nyok was warned by her administrators, the district education director and the Ministry of Education that, because her job is a government position, she could not follow a “Western” religion.

Nyok shared her testimony and refused to renounce her faith in Christ. She said, “It is okay to remove me from the director position, but I will not stop believing in God. I have seen God’s grace on my life. He did many miraculous things in my life.”

In May, Nyok was removed from her post as school director, but she continues to teach and look for ways to bless her students.


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    Pray for them

    Thank the Lord for Nyok’s faithful and public stand for Christ. Pray she will grow in knowledge and understanding of Him.

    Pray Nyok’s testimony of God’s healing mercy, will encourage others in her community to seek Christ.

    Pray for the many unreached groups in Laos, that they will have an opportunity to hear the gospel.

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