ISRAEL: Urgent Prayer Needed for Families, Churches of Gospel Workers

24 October 2023

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Christians in Israel (including the West Bank and Gaza) have requested prayer amid ongoing conflict that began on 7 October, when Hamas fighters launched attacks along the Israeli-Gaza border.

A church in one of the communities infiltrated in the initial coordinated attack asks for prayer as they seek to share the love of Christ and meet the needs of their community. Another church located in a major city struggles to meet the needs of their community as an unofficial blockade has restricted daily goods such as food and fuel.

VOM has also heard from many front-line workers requesting prayer for family members who are directly involved in the armed forces and one worker whose parents’ apartment was bombed. “As we live in a land where hatred and extremism continue to dominate, we realise there is spiritual warfare involved,” a front-line worker said. “Pray that God might use our churches as active witnesses during this challenging time.”


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    Ask the Lord to frustrate the plans of those intent on doing evil. Pray that there may be a spirit of mercy amongst the leaders.

    Ask the Lord to release the captives, comfort those in mourning, grant courage to those who are fearful and supply the needs of those who are displaced.

    Ask God to bring great spiritual good from suffering. Pray the Lord Jesus will reveal Himself to many.

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