ISRAEL: President, Police Commissioner Speak Out Against Small Group of Jews Harassing Christians

29 August 2023

Source: CBN News

Officials in Israel are taking seriously a recent upsurge in attacks on clergy, and vandalism of Christian sites. The most recent attacks led Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Israeli Police Commissioner, Maj-Gen Yaakov Shabtai, to meet leaders of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches of the Holy Land.

“In recent months,” Herzog said, “We have seen very serious phenomena towards the Christian denominations in the Holy Land. Our brothers and sisters, Christian citizens, who feel attacked in their places of prayer, in their cemeteries, on the streets.”

Christians in Jerusalem’s Old City say they are often harassed and even physically attacked by religious Jewish youths.

“I view this phenomenon as extreme and unacceptable in any shape or form,” Herzog cautioned. “This phenomenon needs to be uprooted.

Earlier incidents include the desecration of a Protestant cemetery on Mt Zion, an attack on international Christians during a day of prayer for Jerusalem, and harassment at a Messianic concert in Jerusalem.

Herzog’s admonition directed toward the youths and their supporters was clear: “We must respect the members of all religions. We have committed to this since the dawn of our existence. This is the most basic commandment of ‘love your neighbour as yourself’.” Church leaders expressed their desire to work together with Israeli authorities.

Speaking in Haifa, Shabtai said the police are working to eradicate incidents and trends that affect the sense of security. “We are here to reassure you of that and to offer any assistance that may be required.,” he pledged. “As part of the cooperation between all the parties, we are working to bridge the gaps in places of conflict, while simultaneously striving to provide the vital sense of security.”

David Parsons, vice president at the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, says the attacks are coming from a fringe element. “Most Israelis welcome Christians here,” Parsons explained. “They welcome Christian support. But there does seem to be a fringe, a small fringe, on the religious right, that for whatever motivations, are trying to harass and give trouble for Christians here.”


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    Pray that those who have been attacked may always respond with grace and forgiveness, as a testimony to the example of Christ.

    Pray that the Christian presence in Israel will be seen as a force for good. Pray too for the perpetrators, that they may have their own revelation of Jesus, as the Jewish Messiah.

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    One response to “ISRAEL: President, Police Commissioner Speak Out Against Small Group of Jews Harassing Christians”

    1. K and F says:

      Lord Yeshua, you know our heat has always been for your land Israel and it’s people. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem everyday. We pray for the salvation of your Chosen Ones. Lord sad that these Jewish people who speak against antisemitism and we so agree that is wrong. that they themselves are filled with their own sense of bigotry and hate towards christians in Israel. Please Lord protect these christians from further persecution and Lord let they be a shining light of your Redemptive power, love, grace, mercy, peace, joy and forgiveness. In your loving name we pray

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