IRAN: Retrial Ordered for Sara and Homayoun

26 April 2023

Source: Article18, Church in Chains

Sara Ahmadi and Homayoun Zhaveh, a Christian couple who had been detained since last August, were informed on 9 April that their third application for a retrial was accepted by Iran’s Supreme Court.

The first two applications, both filed in 2021, were rejected.

The Iranian believers were convicted in November 2020 because of their membership in a house church. Homayoun, who suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease, was sentenced to two years in prison, and his wife Sara to eight years.

After their conviction, these Christians were told to await an order to report to prison. After months of waiting, they were summoned to the administrative office of Evin Prison in August 2022. Believing they were going to collect their confiscated personal property, Sara and Homayoun went to the prison, only to be unexpectedly taken into custody. They have remained in prison since.

Sara and Homayoun’s case will be reviewed by Tehran’s appeal court on 9 May. Due to Homayoun’s serious health condition (prior to their arrests, Sara was his caregiver), relatives and friends have been very concerned for the couple. They are hopeful, however, that the retrial will bring about positive results.


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    Pray for them

    Ask the Lord to strengthen Sara and Homayoun – in spirit, soul and body – and to provide for all of Homayoun’s medical needs.

    May God’s Holy Spirit also work deeply in the hearts and minds of the judges, so that this Christian couple will be justly acquitted and released from prison.

    Pray too on behalf of the many other followers of Jesus who are presently serving time in Iranian jails because of their faith.

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