IRAN: Magazine in Lift Restores Man’s Faith in Christ

16 April 2024

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

The Iranian government is among the most oppressive regimes in the world. It is illegal to leave Islam and Christians face the constant threat of imprisonment and being falsely charged with “acting against national security” for owning Bibles or even talking about Christ. Many Christians gather in covert fellowships and receive teaching through Christian media smuggled into the country and through broadcast media.

Farid placed his trust in Christ six years ago, but with no church to attend, he had not been growing in his faith. While riding in a lift, a Christian woman gave him a magazine and said, “This is a gift for you.” Farid was startled and wondered if it was a special kind of advertising campaign. But after the woman left, he read it.

“I came upon a page that really touched my heart,” he said. “On that page, they interviewed believers who shared their stories of faith. One was a story about believers who, like me, had given their hearts to Jesus but then forgot that they even were Christian.”

Another story discussed a worship song that Farid remembered from a Christian satellite TV channel years earlier. “Right then I was encouraged to renew my forgotten faith with God,” he said. “The magazine reminded me that even if we forget God, He will never forget us.”


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    Pray for them

    Praise God for Farid’s renewed faith in Christ, and for the courage and faith of the woman in the lift who shared with Farid.

    Pray that God would enable Iranian Christians to meet together, drawing them together by His Spirit in love and fellowship as they grow in their knowledge and love of God.

    Pray that God would allow more Christian media into Iran, and that believers in underground churches would be resourced in their growing faith and equipped to share this with others.

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