INDONESIA: House Church Forced to Cease Worship

26 March 2024

Source: Internation Christian Concern

A video of the disbandment of a Sunday worship service at a resident’s house in Balaraja, Tangerang Regency, on the island of Java, Indonesia, recently went viral on social media. Neighbours broke up the Christian worship service, which, according to Balaraja Police Chief AKP Badri Hasan, occurred on Sunday morning 17 March.

After receiving reports of multiple residents gathering inside, police visited the home. However, they arrived after the worship time had ended.

Badri said the house had been used as a place of worship during the last year. However, that Sunday, neighbours alleged that no permit had been issued to allow a worship gathering to take place at the house.

Authorities asked the homeowner, who acknowledged she had hosted multiple worship gatherings, to publicly say she would no longer host worship services. “Declaring that starting today, I will no longer hold religious services in my house. Thus, I made this statement without any coercion from any party,” the woman said in a video.

Police, who mediate between the homeowner and members of the community, are expected to follow up with each party.


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