INDIA: Christian Woman Brutally Killed by Hindu Relatives

02 July 2024

Source: International Christian Concern

A woman in the southern region of Chhattisgarh was brutally hacked to death on 24 June by fanatic Hindu relatives following a dispute over her Christian faith.  The incident, which shocked the entire Christian community of Chhattisgarh, occurred in the Toylanka village of the state’s Dantewada district.

In a complaint to the district’s police chief, relatives of the deceased, Bindu Sori, alleged that her family had been harassed and threatened by other relatives ever since they became Christians four years ago. The new complaint also alleges that despite Sori’s family’s previous complaints to the local police station, no action was taken against the harassers.

This time around, the fanatic relatives and other villagers started a fight with Sori’s family over land, claiming they had no rights to the fields now that they were Christians. The relatives warned Sori’s family that there would be dire consequences if they worked in the field during the coming monsoon season.

As the rainy season started, the Sori family went out to plough and sow the field. Enraged, the fanatic relatives attacked them with arrows and axes. The tractor driver and others managed to flee, but Sori could not. Two men caught her, attacked her with axes, and killed her.

The day before the attack, the Chhattisgarh Christian Forum issued a press release stating it had appealed to Chhattisgarh’s governor to address violence against religious minorities. Forum President Arun Pannalal stated that authorities are now aiding religious fanatics who are closing churches throughout Chhattisgarh in an unconstitutional manner.

Incidentally, while highlighting many atrocities against Christians, Pannalal also mentioned in the press release that Christian farmers are not being allowed to farm their lands.

In Dhamtari district, there have been 27 serious attacks on women and religious places in the last two weeks, Pannalal added. Nearly 2,000 letters of complaint have been filed, and no action has been taken. He said police have closed 37 churches in Dhamtari district.


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    Pray for them

    Pray that the Lord’s comforting presence may be felt by Bindu Sori’s loved ones.

    Ask the Lord for justice for the family. Pray that the authorities will give the case the seriousness it deserves and make more efforts to protect the Christian community.

    Pray that the death of Sori will not be in vain but that the Lord may somehow use it for good, even for the spiritual transformation of the perpetrators and others who currently oppose the gospel.

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