GAZA: Christian families come together in solidarity.

15 November 2023

Source: Christian Mission to Gaza

Sources in Gaza report that on 12 November, with the Lord’s guidance, 920 meals consisting of rice and meat, as well as some essential clothing and groceries, were delivered to the Gazan Christian community who have sought refuge in churches across Gaza.

Front line workers have shared that there is a mix of fear, anxiety and worry from those living in the region; basic necessities are increasingly difficult to come by, and the threat of conflict looms large. “The situation in our beloved land is not improving” one Christian said, “In fact, it seems to worsen with each passing hour, especially in terms of access to food, water, and fuel. However, we are determined to keep our faith strong in the Lord, for He has promised to be with us always.”

“Despite these challenges, our faith remains unshaken. During heavy bombings, we find ourselves singing praises to the Lord. Our leaders are working tirelessly to encourage our children through various activities, helping them overcome their fears and anxieties while channelling their energy in positive ways. We are focusing on sharing God’s love and the message of salvation.”

Christian families in Gaza are coming together in solidarity, sharing what little they have left in terms of food, water, and medicine. This sense of unity is a testament to the strength of the Gazan Christian community during these trying times.


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    Pray for wisdom and provision for Christians living in Gaza to reach out to the people in the community and to share the love of Christ with the lost.

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