COLOMBIA: ‘Red Zone’ Pastors Out of Contact

15 August 2023

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Christians in Colombia are taking great risks to share the gospel in some of the most dangerous places for Christians on earth. Working in these hostile areas often results in persecution from armed guerrillas and paramilitary forces.

A front-line worker in Colombia reported that he has lost contact with several pastors in the Sucre area in recent months. The state of Sucre is one of Colombia’s ‘red zones’, where Marxist guerrillas and paramilitaries exercise violent control over large areas. These groups have recently imposed new restrictions against Christians and churches.


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    Pray for them

    Pray for the safety of the pastors in the area. Ask for the Lord’s shield of protection to be over them and their families.

    Pray also that front-line workers would be wise in knowing how to support Christian brothers and sisters who live under the threat of these violent groups.

    Praise God for the faithfulness of His servants who are sharing the gospel in such a dangerous area. Pray they may know the Lord’s nearness and leading.

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    One response to “COLOMBIA: ‘Red Zone’ Pastors Out of Contact”

    1. Melody says:

      I can hardly believe what I’m reading, sometimes. I can’t imagine how depressing it would be to not be allowed to sing, not even at home.
      And, I don’t know why someone who is permitted to go to Church, can’t take communion – drink the wine or juice. How absurdly mean!
      Dear people, Please keep the faith, God is saving your tears in a bottle. How pretty they look when His light shines on them. All heaven is with you and so are we.
      Love and prayers, Melody.

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