CHINA: Verdict for Zhao Weikai

18 January 2023

CHINA Verdict for Zhao Weikai

Source: ChinaAid

Last month, we shared Li Xin’s appeal for prayer, requesting that the court hearing relating to the case of her husband, Zhao Weikai, would soon take place. At the time of that report, Zhao had been detained since July 2021 without a conviction.

On 30 December, Li finally received a notice announcing the court’s decision. Zhao, who was convicted of “illegally holding materials promoting terrorism and extremism”, has been sentenced to two years in prison and additionally fined.

The charges against him stem from materials seized by authorities during a raid on the Christian couple’s home in 2021. These confiscated items included video documentaries on the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest and the Xinjiang protests that took place in 2009.

While Li was not allowed to attend her husband’s trial, which was held on 15 December, others who were present reported that he looked well. However, since Zhao suffers from liver disease, there are continued concerns regarding the Christian man’s health as he now begins to serve his prison sentence.


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    Pray for them

    Pray for the improvement of Zhao’s health. Ask the Lord to administer loving care and peace to this convicted believer during his time of incarceration.

    Pray the efforts of Zhao’s lawyers to file an appeal against the court’s decision will be done with wisdom and discernment.

    Prayerfully remember Zhao’s family, who also need God’s comfort, provision and peace during this difficult time of separation.

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