CHINA: Imprisoned Pastor Highly Respected

15 February 2023

CHINA Imprisoned Pastor Highly Respected

Source: ChinaAid

In August 2022, Pastor Geng Zejun was sentenced to 15 months in prison for “organising illegal gatherings”.

Despite opposition from Chinese Communist Party officials, the church led by Pastor Geng refused to join the government-controlled Three-Self Patriotic Movement and was therefore deemed illegal. In the months following his sentencing, Pastor Geng experienced health problems and his family was banned from visiting him.

However, recent reports indicate that fellow inmates, and even prison guards, are treating the pastor with considerable respect.

In the prison, those issued a red vest are required to work the night shift. However, Pastor Geng alone has been given a green vest, exempting him from conducting any night work. People in the prison have come to refer to the revered Christian man as ‘Pastor’ and frequently approach him for discussions and to ask his advice.

The pastor’s family members continue to seek permission to visit him, even though they have been banned from doing so since his initial arrest on 5 December 2021. At first, pandemic restrictions were used as an excuse to keep them away, but the authorities have since simply cited “rules and laws” as their reason.


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    Pray for them

    Pray for strength on behalf of Pastor Geng as he continues to faithfully endure this time of incarceration.

    Praise God that, like Joseph, He has shown favour. Pray that Pastor Geng will receive divinely appointed opportunities to reach fellow inmates and prison guards with the powerful message of Jesus Christ.

    Pray that Pastor Geng’s family and church members be able to rest in the assurance of God’s abiding presence with them as they await his release.

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