CHINA: Christians Arrested for Leading Children in Worship

20 February 2024

Source: ChinaAid, The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

According to an anonymous prayer letter received by ChinaAid, three Christians were arrested and detained on 18 January because they had led children from their church in singing hymns and prayer. The next day, police raided the homes of the three detained church members, who have been identified as Dai Chuanli, Wang Dandan and Ma Jiahui. Each of these believers was given a 15-day administrative detention.

This is the third time since September that members of the Fuyang Maizhong Reformed Church have been detained for their worship activities. Other believers from the church continue to face frequent harassment from community officials, who have pried open the doors of their homes and pressured landlords to evict Christian residents.

Administrative detentions are commonly used as a way of harassing and intimidating believers without having to lay charges against the individuals.


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