CHINA: Christian Tutor Reported by Her Husband

31 October 2023

Source: ChinaAid, The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

Liu Cui is a member of the Lishi Christian Church in China, which operates a co-op school group for children, despite ongoing harassment from government agencies that want to restrict the religious education of minors. On 11 October, Liu went to the school to help tutor six students from four different families.

Unfortunately, Liu’s husband, who is not a believer, objects to his wife’s Christian faith. After following Liu to the school and discovering her work with the students, he issued a report to various governmental agencies. Authorities rushed to the church, confiscated school supplies and Bibles, and recorded the information of parents who were present at the time. Police took Liu into custody and, that evening, members of the church learned that she had been sentenced to ten days of administrative detention.

Leaders of the Chinese government demand total loyalty of the country’s citizens and, in their attempts to target truths in the Bible, they have been distorting passages of Scripture to reflect communist ideologies.


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    Pray for them

    Ask the Lord to watch over members of the Lishi Christian Church, including Liu Cui and to provide them with peace, direction, and wisdom as they endeavour to continue raising their children in the ways of the Lord amid intense opposition.

    Pray that Liu will not encounter any additional legal problems, but instead would be free to resume her tutoring activities without further interference. Throughout the legal process, may Liu’s response be a testimony of Christ's love and grace to her husband, despite his open hostility towards the gospel, as well as to the others in her community who are opposing her judicially.

    Pray that Christians in China will not be deceived by distorted passages of Scripture.

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