BHUTAN: JESUS Film Project Extends to the Unreached

04 July 2023

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

In the kingdom of Bhutan, only a small minority — about 25,000 people — are Christians, and only about a quarter of the country’s 20 provinces have any local churches. The king identifies himself as the defender of the Buddhist faith, and the government works covertly to discourage the spread of Christianity.

Nidup and some fellow pastors have launched the Love Bhutan Initiative, sending Bhutanese Christians as missionaries into the parts of Bhutan least reached with the gospel. These partners in the gospel send devices to enable local Christians to host screenings of the JESUS film. Later, a follow-up team meets with those who have responded to the film.


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    Pray for them

    Pray that many would be touched by their first encounter with Christ and would desire to grow in their faith so that many more churches will take root in Bhutan.

    Pray for the protection and effectiveness of Nidup and his team. Pray too for those who are conducting follow-up visits.

    Pray that God will mobilise more Bhutanese Christians to share the gospel with the unreached.

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