ARABIAN PENINSULA: Convert to Christ Attacked, Brought to Court

28 June 2023

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Bassam committed his life to Christ; it enraged his Muslim wife. She couldn’t believe he had changed his religious beliefs as their country of residence is less than 1% Christian.

She immediately forced him out of the home and sent family members to attack him; they beat him and burnt his car. His wife also filed a legal case against him.

When asked before the judge if he had truly converted, he said, “Yes, Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.” He was ordered to keep quiet about his faith, but he could not.

Bassam was scavenging for cans along the street for money when front-line workers learned of his situation. Bassam worries about his ability to provide for his needs as retirement approaches and about his children’s future as some of them have also decided to follow Jesus.


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    Pray for them

    Thank the Lord for Bassam’s faithfulness to Him and the gospel. Ask God to use his witness in a powerful way.

    Join Bassam in committing to the Lord his needs, and that of his children. Pray for the salvation of his entire family.

    Pray for the protection and growth of small local fellowships throughout the region. Pray they will be strengthened and encouraged.

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    2 responses to “ARABIAN PENINSULA: Convert to Christ Attacked, Brought to Court”

    1. Silika says:

      My Lord and my God, thank you for the life of Bassam and his family. Strengthen him in his faith and provide for his needs with his children as well. Use him in your Kingdom to be a great witness according to your Holy will.
      Please Mother Mary pray for this man and protect him from all harm and danger.

      In Jesus name I pray,

    2. K and F says:

      Praise you Lord for Bassam giving his life to you. May he be a testimony to his family of what it means to truly find salvation with the only 1 true God. May his family see the changes in him from following you and they desire that for themselves too. In your precious name we pray

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