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MEXICO: Displaced Protestants Pressured by Government to Accept Illegal Agreement

Representatives of a group of more than 150 Protestant Christians forcibly displaced from their communities because of their religious beliefs on 26 April have complained that they are being pressur...


MEXICO: Over 100 Protestants Displaced for Their Faith

Over 100 Protestants were forced to flee from two neighbouring villages on 26 April, after village leaders cut off their electricity, vandalised and blocked access to their church and some of their ho...


MEXICO: Bold Witness Beaten 40 Times

Gabriela lives in a rural village in Oaxaca, Mexico, where members of her Mixteca community adhere to Christo-paganism, a syncretistic blend of pagan practices and Roman Catholicism that is opposed to...


MEXICO: Front-line Workers Warned to Stop Evangelising

Mateo and Elena are church planters in Central Mexico. Their town is in a region known as the ‘Circle of Silence’, where Christians are routinely opposed by those who follow a syncretistic blen...