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BENIN: Destroyed Church Rebuilt, Reopened

On 10 January 2023, in a small town in central Benin, a group of voodooists burned down a church when Christians refused to honour local idols. Benin is considered the birthplace of voodoo, and the...


BENIN: Christian Sisters Beaten, Nearly Killed by Their Father

Renee (22) and Rebecca (19) are half-sisters. Their father has four wives and practises animistic sorcery. Years ago, Renee’s mother was unable to conceive, so she went to a Christian outreach hopin...


BENIN: Christian Teenager Attacked by Father

Nineteen-year-old Urbi Izegbe committed her life to Christ in Autumn 2022, after a revival meeting in her village. Her family was not happy with her decision and responded by insulting her, threatenin...