Into the Den of Infidels

Read the compelling stories of eight Muslims in Egypt—the intellectual capital of Islam—as they persevered until they discovered the truth.

A Muslim zealot breaks into shops and homes belonging to Christians and robs them. His hatred for Christians peaks as he attacks churches. Then he studies the Bible to expose its “false teachings”. The One revealed in Scripture breaks his heart and he chooses a new name for himself: Paul.

Realising that it is easy to proclaim a certain religion right or wrong without a real search, two Muslim friends ask common-sense questions about which is the true faith. Seeking nothing about God, they begin an honest, objective search. After many sleepless nights, sometimes drowning in a flood of questions with no answers, they finally find the object of their desires.

A young woman named Leila is beaten by her father and her teacher for asking spiritual questions, but she finds the answer in spite of them.

Abraham, an Islamic missionary, throws Christian books out of his house, wanting to follow Mohammed wholeheartedly. When Abraham later finds peace with God, his family and friends disown him.

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