TEST BENIN: Pastor’s Leg Broken by Voodooists

18 April 2023


Source: test

Benin is considered the birthplace of voodoo. Occult practices, including idol worship, sacrificing animals, and wearing special talismans believed to ward off evil, are widespread.

Pastor Michel leads a small church in northern Benin. In September 2021, around 60 voodooists who live in his village arrived at the church during a service.

The occultists broke down the church door and smashed its windows. They then ordered the Christians to stop worshipping and praying. They also attacked Pastor Michel, breaking his leg.

The voodooists said if he did not stop holding church services, they would kill him.
Pastor Michel’s leg never fully healed, and he requires a crutch for mobility. Because he can no longer work as a farmer, he has been provided with a small mill he uses to grind crops to support his family.


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