Each month, 20 men load up their camels and donkeys with Bibles, Christian literature, food and water and head out over the sunbaked desert hills. During the day, they walk in 49C temperatures, buffeted by a dry, hot wind. These men take this lonely road through the Sahara to avoid the ever-present checkpoints, where police would question them and probably confiscate the books they carry. They might even arrest the men. The Bibles are considered a threat to the Islamic government. They offer the message of hope that Jesus is more than a prophet; He is the Son of God, a Saviour for all who place their faith in Him.



Sanju, a young Indian woman of 25, grew up as a Hindu. Her husband has opposed her new Christian faith since she accepted Christ. With no money of her own, she had asked her husband to buy her a Bible, but "he verbally abused me for wanting a Bible and being a Christian," she said.


When Pastor 'Yoshi' unlatched the door of his home to see who was pounding on it, he immediately recognised the group of men standing before him. Their saffron-coloured headbands along with the sticks and iron bars in their fists clearly identified the 10 men as members of the VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad The World Council of Hinduism) a militant, nationalist Hindu group known for beating and harassing Christians. Yoshi braced himself for the beating that was sure to come.
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